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MEDRAPTORS – Mediterranean Raptor Migration Network
Saturday, November 24, 2018

Raptor Research Conference, South Africa, November 2018

Last week the Raptor Research Conference was held inside the Kruger National Park in south Africa. It was a great meeting time for raptor biologists coming from many different continents. Particular attention was given to the conservation of Africa vultures but sessions covered almost all of the aspects of raptors ecology, behaviour and conservation. Our network was represented with two talks on the movement ecology of Black kites and of urban Peregrines. Fortunately there was some time for raptor watching.
Thursday, October 25, 2018

Autumn 2018 - Another great migratory season!

Another field season ended. This autumn our monitoring was extended to check what happens around mid-October. Numbers of raptors and bee-eaters counted migrating through the Strait of Messina are impressive. 20.000 Honey buzzards, 2700 Marsh harriers, 1700 small falcons, 200 Booted eagles and 13.000 Bee eaters are just some numbers. The main field worker was Michele Cento that has spent longer than 2 months counting birds every day, helped sometime by a few lucky volunteers. See you in spring!  
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